Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a professional environment so that children of all ages can come along and learn about and enjoy the game of Football. We aim to provide the boys and girls the best opportunity for them to either develop their own skills and careers to achieve their dream or just simply to play the game for fun.

We are committed to ensuring every child within the Radcliffe Borough Junior set up has every opportunity to achieve their dreams and we are determined to provide every child in Radcliffe a platform to enjoy football.

We will do this by providing

  • FA Qualified, patient, caring and responsible coaches
  • Knowledgeable, professional and credible team managers
  • Committed and approvable club ambassadors
  • Safe, relevant and suitable training and match facilities
  • Training equipment deemed to be of professional quality and age
  • Education to the laws of the game and the FA respect Cod

  • Community is our heart and soul
  • We value all people and their contributions
  • We embrace every opportunity
  • We will make you the best you can be
  • Development as a player, develop as a team – share the results.