Development Group

Development Group

Development groups are for children aged between 4 and 6 years old. They are held at Close Park in Radcliffe every Monday between 6pm - 7pm (April - October).

All children of all abilities are encourage to attend the development group from the age of 4, where they are taught co-ordination & balance, football skills including dribbling, tackling, heading & some tricks and mostly team spirit. All this is incorporated by our coaches playing fun games with them and being patient and listening, having fun, laughing and more often than not picking worms up from the grass at close park in the summer or looking at aeroplanes passing. We encourage the children to listen to instructions and we also listen to the children and their expectations of us as coaches.

We try and include aspects of the FA guidelines of the four corners and introduce these to the children from a young age asking questions as to why we have done drills and what we have learnt, this will hopefully inspire them to become coaches in later years. A childs most famous word is Why? So we ask them for their individual views frequently and from that they quickly learn not to be buzzy bees around the ball but to move to space or they have to become a swamp monster to defend the ball.

It is evident with the children who have been attending for a longer period that the techniques work. We also understand the concentration of each child is very different therefore we encourage the coaches to use several training techniques to hold their attention as a group and also individuals We understand not every child learns at the same speed and we are devoted to making sure the children are put in the correct groups for training to enable us to build their confidence, each child is looked at with their own merit and shine in their own ways, and that’s how we prefer it – many football stars in waiting.

We start to form teams when the children are 5-6 so they get use to training and playing with the same children and the same coach, this has over the last year become a vital part of the team building process, and has made the children feel comfortable, less nervous in the game environment & more encouraging to each other and other teams; they also have more fun than ever whilst playing football.

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